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Best Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

Best Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

Pink is considered a fire color, and variations of pink are considered the best Feng Shui bedroom colors as it balances the space dedicated to love and marriage.

Although soft, pastel pink is the most commonly used pink in the bedroom, you need not decorate a master bedroom in frilly pinks for effective use of positive energy. Fuchsia color throw pillows make a powerful splash in a modern black and white bedroom. Dusty rose is a warmly toned pink which flows well with brown, cream, and blue-green.

Other options to decorating in pink are a few accessories, such as vase of rose quartz crystals or a pair of rose quartz ducks sitting on a lotus leaf. Rose quartz is considered the stone of unconditional love, and it is believed to bring powerful energy to a bedroom.

Pink can be fiery or cool. For relaxation and soothing, the best pink is a soft pink. For fiery vibration, hot pinks are best. Typically, bedroom colors should be cool for rejuvenation, so you may wish to use hot pink sparingly.

For children’s rooms, soft pink is best paired with white. White is believed to represent purity and creativity, and so white is appropriate for a child. White placed in a couple’s bedroom to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Bedroom art and images are another way to bring pink into a bedroom without using the color as a theme. Classic academia artists use highly refined reds and pinks in nudes and figurative paintings.

Another little trick to add Feng Shui bedroom colors is to paint light bulbs with soft pinks. A painted light bulb creates a dynamic lighting effect. Try it: Use any kind of water based paint. You can easily mix your own custom color. Paint the light bulb when the bulb is cool, wait for it to dry, put it back in the light socket, and then sit back and admire the glowing diffusion of color. You need not paint the light bulb with perfect evenness. In fact, a quick uneven coat of paint creates the best effects.

Colored candles also create a romantic glow. You can create a virtual shrine using them. In fact, for the most effective love enhancing Feng Shui bedroom, place pink and white candles on a dresser or night stand with framed photos of you and your lover. When the candles are lit, the photos are illuminated and glorified.

Peach is believed to invite infidelity, and in China this color is avoided in the bedroom.

Keep in mind that our Feng Shui advise is meant as starter advise. For extensively optimized Feng Shui, you should hire a Feng Shui expert to determine the positioning of your furniture, the correct placement of various elements, and the best colors for the head of your household.

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